Acoustic ceilings

One of the biggest and often unsolved problems in the majority of office, industrial, business, education, sports or healthcare spaces is the high level of noise which leads to stress causing tiredness and decreased performance.

Our company has been focusing on this problem for 20 years now. In this time we have supplied and installed more than 2 500 000 m2 of acoustic suspended ceilings and more than 500 000 m2 of relocatable partitions. This experience means that we are well placed to analyse and describe the existing status of your building and thereby recommend to you the best possible solution.




Comfort means:

  • the optimalisation of reverberation time in your rooms
  • a decrease in the level of noise ΔL [dB] not only in production areas and workhops but also in open space type offices!!!

Comfort means:

  • a high level of sound insulation Rw [dB]
  • an improvement in sound insulation Dn,c,w [dB] between adjacent areas
  • a suppression of interference noise originating from the space between the suspended ceiling and fixed ceiling

Lowering the noise level
Important for: offices, classrooms, conference halls, production areas...

Longitudinal sound insulation
Important for: offices, meeting rooms, hotel areas, banks....

Most ceilings on the market solve either high quality spatial acoustics or just good building acoustics. However, it is always about finding the lesser of 2 evils, i.e.compromise.

LIKOfon acoustic ceilings solve both your spatial and building acoustics. A solution for you without the compromise.

By using LIKOfon ceilings in combination with LIKOform partitions you get a modern interior with the best possible acoustic solution offering you a guarantee from a renowned supplier, the company LIKO-S International, which is

For specific areas of use we can supply other types of ceiling as well – Rockfon acoustic ceilings and DURLUM metal ceilings.