Company philosophy

Our company philosophy is our intellectual property and is protected by copyright law!

We believe that the best is to be the best.

The best is the one toughest to oneself.


We believe in the importance of details.

Detail is the absolute factor for someone striving for the first place.

We believe in people as individualities.

A company composed of individualities is a company strictly differentiated in all its activities and features.


We believe in the highest quality of products and services.

We define quality as the benefits for the customer.

We believe in innovation even at the price of mistakes.

Who does not see mistakes, is afraid of them and tolerates them, shall never become successful at innovation.


We believe in the role of informality as a support of communication.

The key features are benevolence, consistency and cooperativeness.

We believe in growth and profit with joy.

Our growth must never jeopardise any of the prior points. Every one of us and all we together must become economical.