Ing. Lubomír Novotný

Ing. Lubomír Novotný

Director of Energy Division
mobil: +420 702 200 101


The Energy Division supplies administrative, logistics and manufacturing buildings for business. It specializes in smaller headquarters for small and medium-sized businesses.  We cooperate with building owners to create optimal spatial layouts and material designs. Prefabricated buildings feature our own system of partitions, ceiling panels, and built-in units. We were the first European company to import a revolutionary system of sprayed foam insulation from Canada to our market.  Marketed under the commercial name of Chytrá izolace® and Smartisol®, we and our business partners use this system to provide state-of-the-art insulation for family homes and commercial halls throughout Central Europe.

With our Living building system, you can adapt to the market every day. Our buildings are built using modular systems, making all kinds of subsequent changes possible. Building with us is not only efficient for your business, but also easy on your budget. We utilize the latest procedures for insulation. Our ventilated facades will ensure your building is energy efficient with a healthy workplace inside. And with this technology, there are no limits to your creativity, as you can use from any number of materials for the facade finish.  Our range includes metal and wood, stone, and various imitations of these natural materials.