About us

Throughout our company´s history, we have been bound by our company philosophy. We are not only concerned about the performance of our people. We have to enjoy our work and that´s why we also recognise other important values.

  • Behaviour = alongside their professional performance, key to us is how our people treat each other at work and also how they treat our business partners. We guide and educate them to be helpful, cooperative and unified.
  • Performance = we provide our people with the most up to date equipment, best possible work environment and educational/training system.At LIKO-S we encourage the best possible performance with a real emphasis on our customers.
  • Creativity = we support creativity amongst our people. Our managers are paid according to how they improve our products, processes and systems. The creativity of our people leads to new and improved solutions for our customers.

In meetings with our business partners we come across as a committed, honest and upright company in the true sense of those words:

  • Commitment = we take each commitment or obligation towards our business partners seriously. All our people are committed professionals
  • Honesty = we take care that our communication, services and products are always clear and correct for our customers. We want to meet all expectations that our customer may have.
  • Uprightness = our company has strong foundations in its history. The current financial and HR status of our company creates a truly solid and guaranteed foundation for our business partners. We have our own large production plant, warehouses, development department, teams of installers, craftsmen and specialists. We hold the TOP RATING award, which is given by the international company Dunham and Bradstreet to those few select companies who represent the lowest degree of business risk and meet other demanding criteria.

In 20 years on the European market we have over 8.000 projects behind us, with more than 2,5 mil. m2 of suspended ceilings, 200 000 m2 of mounted relocatable partitions, almost 300 hall and living building projects and many specialised acoustic projects. Our metal production department has supplied its welded constructions not only to our own building projects but has also supplied hundreds of components and complete technological lines to the most demanding of clients in Western Europe.

We employ around 150 people and besides them we give work all year round to smaller companies, to a further 200 people. In Slavkov u Brna, at the heart of Europe,we have not only our company HQ with its own training centre but also a large production plant. We have our own independent branches in Prague and CEE – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia.

Alongside our own branches we have permanent business representatives in Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Romania, Cyprus, the Baltic republics and the UAE. 

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Apart from high quality work, we give our customers something extra – we offer them the personal commitment of our workers. From the very beginning, our people do their best not only to fulfill the wishes of our business partners but also to exceed them. We try to achieve the very best quality possible.

Company structure

Our company is a family company with a clear structure, with all the organs of the joint stock company having a precise function. The company is run by a 5 member board consisting of experienced specialists, who are available daily to the company´s needs. The board makes the most important company decisions and in cooperation with people from the frontline creates the company way of working and carries out daily checks on all work teams. The work of the board is supported by the accounts department with its own inhouse bank, personnel department, IT manager and the technical director´s team.

The results of the board come under regular control of the advisory board. The members of this board are external specialists in law, economics and management.

The company is divided into individual divisions which are run by their own directors. These divisions are divided into independent work teams. All our workers are encouraged to be independent businessmen on their own section and to use their finances wisely. The results of their work are regularly evaluated by the company´s managers.

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Our divisions:

  • The Living Buildings division® supplies administrative, logistics and production buildings. It specialises in small and medium size company HQs, where there is the possibility of creating the ideal solution in cooperation with the future owner of the building. The mounted construction of the building is linked with our own system of partitions, ceilings and inhall units.
  • The Interiors division supplies mounted systems for the creation of internal spaces within buildings – acoustic suspended ceilings, relocatable and movable partitions, inhall units. We have been developing these systems for 20 years and we are one of the leading European companies in this field.
  • The Icynene® division was formed 5 years ago. We were the first European company to introduce this revolutionary Canadian insulation system onto our market – thermal spray foam insulation. In 2011 in the USA, LIKO-S was presented with the award for best European distributor of Icynene foam insulation. Using this foam, we are creating a new era of building insulation in Europe.
  • The Support division looks after the purchase and production of interior components for our systems, as well as storage and logistics to all our building sites. Its main aim is to provide a flawless service to the performing divisions, in order that everything gets to the right place at the right time.
  • The Export / import division is responsible both for the sale of our interior systems outside the borders of the Czech Republic (both in those countries where we have branches, as well in those where we don´t) and also the import of various interior systems or components from Europe, Asia and America.
  • The metal production division produces and supplies technological lines and the parts for those from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. These lines are supplied to renowned European suppliers of technological units and also via engineering companies to customers in western Europe. We also supply steel skeletons to halls and warehouses as well as special steel construction components, which are produced by our top quality welders and locksmiths.

Coordination between the individual divisions is carried out mainly via informal daily communication. Each division has its own account at the inhouse bank, which falls under the remit of the financial director – vice-chairman of the board. Both the divisions and the individual teams have their own plan of activities and their fulfillment is regularly controlled – not only the economic results, but also results from the area of development and improvements.

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