LCD Glass

  • Glass with variable light transmission
  • Electrically operated
  • Discreetness, protection against UV radiation
  • More color options
  • Gradual transition
  • Privacy and security with architectural integrity
  • Visual emphasis on the interior and exterior
  • No disturbing blinds and curtains that collect dust and bacteria
  • Combination of beauty and function
  • Serves as a projection screen


LCD crystals are randomly situated in the opaque film. When the power supply is on, they group together and the film becomes transparent.

Basic technical parameters

Optical Properties  
Light transmittance On / Off  77 % / 11 %
Fogging percentage On / Off  7 % / 80 % 
Viewing Angle On  More than 150 st.
UV nepropustnost On/Off 98 %
Electrical Properties  
Power Input On 75V(AC 50-60HZ), 1000 mA
Switching time from transparent mode to opaque On–off do 2 s
Switching time from opaqueto transparent mode Off–on do 0,3 s
Power consumption On less than 10W/ m2
Maximum size   3000 × 1550 mm
Color design possibilities of the film   milky, grey, light blue, green, black
Glass color options   clear (float), colored in the mass