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24. 08. 2013

We, Pushpak Products India Pvt Ltd, are pleased to introduce ourselves as the manufacturer of  the elite class of Relocatable Partition Systems with an option of Acoustic Control with European technology from the joint venture with Liko-s, Czech Republic, along with the complete furniture solutions and engineering fabrication work. Please have a look at the short description of the Corporate Interior Solutions Brochure and the Company Brochure, attached along with this email. 

Hoping to discuss more when you have time. Any requirement of yours will be taken up with utmost priority.The joint venture of Pushpak Products India Pvt. Ltd. with the Czech Republic interior solutions company, Liko-s has brought new ideas in Corporate Interiors, Industrial Shop- floor Spaces and Commercial Spaces. The blended style of aesthetics with the space utilization and modification of the space any time in the future is the key principle of Relocatable Partitions.
The Relocatable Partitions could entirely be dry walls, solid partitions, gypsum partitions, glass partitions or a combination of these according to the user's taste. Easy to install and easier to modify is the prime feature of these systems. These are ideal for Office spaces of all types. These also are known for Clean room installations. This combination of Indian Style and European standards has resulted in the flexible systems for diverse optimum utilization. The In-hall Units are specially designed and manufactured for Industrial uses. The Shop- floor with noise free cabins are a result of continuous improvisation of the technology. These can be on the floor or raised or multi-storey solutions with high acoustic barrier. 
Any Commercial spaces like malls and shopping complexes would find this high utility systems will be able to make use of the relocatable structures. 
Anyone who wishes to invest for a long term would find this impressive because of the flexibility of the applications and the return of investment. Also, it is a green product with no wastage in future modifications and renovations. Moreover, with the support of the furniture unit and fabrication unit, Pushpak will meet the requirements of complete interior solution and the in-hall units.

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